Tuesday, January 31, 2006

LA City Nerd Signing In

I admit it: I'm a city nerd.

I'm not just any city nerd; I'm an LA City Nerd. I'm sure there are others out there like me, but I want to share who I am and my interest in LA with the world (at least those who know how to find this Blog!).

I'm here to share, but I also am a resource for those who have an interest in the City.

Why do parking tickets seem to appear so often in certain places?

Why does Central Avenue exist where it does in relation to Western and Eastern?

Why does the Zoo operate as its own City department and yet Venice Beach is operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks?

How did the Miracle Mile get its moniker and why does the Metro Redline stop sort of it?

Why are there only 6 patrol cars in some police divisions that are more than 25 square miles?

I'm sure you have a question, too. There's something that you were thinking about, I'm sure. So ask me - if I don't know the answer (which is rare), I'll find it!

So, welcome to LA City Nerd. I'm sure you'll enjoy finding out things like you can park for free in any yellow loading zone after 7pm in the City of LA. Question your city and strive to improve it through the knowledge of "why".