Sunday, October 29, 2006

Updated Links

So, there's some new blogs I've been tracking, and others that have gone on hiatus. I don't know about everyone else, but if it's listed on my links, I read it. I've updated the links section to your right as follows (where you can find the actual links):

Angelenic Nerd:
(This is Valley-based Los Angeles blogging.)

Dig L.A. Nerd:
Observations about the City & its culture)

L.A. Tour Guide Nerd:
(occasional postings about touring tourists)

L.A. Yarn/Art Nerd:
(Lots of yarn, but other cool tidbits about LA, too.)

L.A. via Paris Nerd:

L.A. Photo Nerd:

L.A. Daily Photo Nerd:

Westward Ho Nerd:
(An East Coast transplant's observations.)

Quartz City Nerd:
(blips and bites about L.A.)

USC Nerds:
(Let's hope this grows to be more about LA and less about the world.)

Neighborhood Nerds:
Sherman Oaks Community Nerd:
(not to be confused with LAist's Zach)

Photo-Tech Downtown Nerd:

Lincoln Heights II Nerd:

Municipal Nerds:
L.A. Parks Nerd:
(It is just a synthesis of press releases, but they at least let you know what's going on in the parks... for the most part.)

Angel's Gate Nerd:
(This is only a quasi-municipal nerd because it's a City facility.)

and those who've gone on hiatus...
City Elf Nerd
El Sereno Nerd
San Pedro Nerds
Stuck Valleyite Nerd

New to City Nerd Media:
BrooWaHa (I'm hoping it becomes interesting...)

What other blogs should I add to my daily reads? Any who has time to read all this information? It's not easy!


Urban Memo said...

Thanks! I added quite a few of these to my blog roll.

(I especially like Ellen Bloom's one because I am going to learn how to knit next week!)

Anonymous said...

Welcome new nerds, one and all. It's a fine club to belong to.

Steven Rosenberg said...

Show me the love (with a new, easier link):