Thursday, July 19, 2007


Did you know that you can get a ticket if you cross the street against a traffic control device prohibiting such crossing OR mid-block (not at an intersection or marked crosswalk)? Even if the street is empty and you're not stopping traffic, there is a California vehicle code section that prohibits "pedestrians in the roadway." Be aware.

On the flipside, though, any corner to corner crossing is a legal place to cross and the pedestrian has the right of way (unless otherwise posted).

Go figure.

It's the summertime - go play at a City park or the beach.


Colinski said...

This is news to some people?

Well, considering how many people I see jaywalk (and jaywalk dangerously), I guess it is.

Unknown said...

What about one corner to a mid-block? Is this considered jaywalking as well?

Anonymous said...

Some places in downtown, police officers will wait around on corners for jaywalkers and then grab you by the shoulder to give you a ticket... even if you simply start walking while the flashing hand is going.

Anonymous said...

the two are not mutually exclusive. it's illegal for a pedestrian to cross when the sign prohibits it, but if the person decides to walk anyways, they have right-of-way over traffic, despite the fact that their jaywalking is illegal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In 2000 I got a $76 jaywalking ticket after crossing Wilshire at 3am with not a single car on the road. The ticket said "pedestrian hazard in roadway."

Sahra Bogado said...

Wait a minute ... I searched through the Municipal Code for a week trying to find any prohibitions on midblock crossing, jaywalking, and not staying inside the crosswalk lines. I couldn't find any!

Where is this written? CA Vechile code?

(I was trying to fact-check a Richard Pryor joke I once heard: "Los Angeles is a weird place. Because, they have laws for pedestrians, you know, like, you cross the street. They have laws for pedestrians but they don't have laws for people at night, when cops accidentally shoot people. They "accidentally" shoot more niggers out here than any place in the world. Every time you pick up a paper, "NIGGER ACCIDENTLY SHOT IN THE ASS." How do you accidentally shoot a nigger six times in the chest”? (Pryor imitating Officer) Well, my gun fell and just went crazy.")