Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Make that 173!

As part of our ongoing effort to document the officially designated neighborhood signs of the City of Los Angeles, we submit to you verification of a neighborhood presumed lost:

Thanks to the expert Photo Nerd in one Malingering, the once-thought-lost community name sign of West Los Angeles has been documented at the southwest corner of Bundy and Ocean Park.

True, we always knew that "West LA" existed - this sign merely proves that the City actually officially designated a community by said name. There are other community name signs that LADOT has claimed to have created, but no one has been able to provide documentation that such signs exist. They are:
Carthay Village
Griffith Park
La Cienega Ctr
La Fayette Park Square
South Park
Western Heights
West Lake
Wilshire District
Wilshire Park Mile

If you can find the location and a picture of one (or any) of the aforementioned signs, please add them to the LA City Neighborhood Signs Flickr Group.

The rest of the known "officially designated communities" are listed here.

Sorry, LAist, for throwing a wrench into your gears. Hopefully this one more won't hinder your progress of the LA Neighborhoods Project (not that you're actually sticking to the original list).


Unknown said...

Seems like whoever is running things at the LAist is more concerned about the damn list than the stories. There always has to be one guy who makes a nice cooperative effort into painful drudgery.

Anonymous said...

damn! I saw this one the other day and hadn't gotten a chance to go back and snap it. oh well. at least someone found it! :)

you know said...


our series has to be based on something. and if that something is incorrect or faulty in anyway then it damages the series.

feel free to lick my taint if you dont like how im running things in regards to this series, which i dont see anyone else having the nads to take on.

- the guy running things at LAist.

Anonymous said...

I swear a comment I posted yesterday about locating the real LaFayette Square (and hopefully its sign in short order) stuck, but when I just checked now it's nowhere to be found.

I'll try again, but if this disappears I'm gonna start to wonder if either it's personal or I'm just hallucinating.

Anyway, I have a solid lead on LaFayette Square and it has nothing to do with where we've been looking around LaFayette Squear Park.

Unknown said...

Wow, Tony, you are one class act. Perhaps while you have your head up your ass you could lick your own taint.

Anonymous said...

There is one...Christ..I forget the neighborhood...right below Pico & Arlington...right on the sign above Pico (on Arlington)..that confuses you because the name of the neighborhood is right over the word "Pico".

At any rate - cool blog! I found you through UnhipLA. Blog rolling you.


Anonymous said...

Geez, this is old news. La Fayette Square is a historic district just west of Crenshaw between Washington and Venice. It was subdivided back in 1913, it's an HPOZ, it's beautiful, blah blah blah. It does not have a sign nor is it or has it ever been called "La Fayette Square Park" I really think that one is an error on the list, some type of typo combining the park that is in the Westlake area and the historic neighborhood that is in the Mid-City area.

Anonymous said...

Well Geez Semprini. Sorry to put you out but thanks for sparing me the trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there's an Atwater Village sign on Fletcher Drive if you're driving from San Fernando Road towards Riverside.

Militant Angeleno said...

Anonymous: "Atwater Village" yes, but pre-village "Atwater," as it was more commonly known prior to say 15-20 years ago, can hardly be found. The Militant wonders if the "Village" has taken over the proper name of the place, or is it just a section of "Atwater" (as "Los Feliz Village" is to "Los Feliz")?

T.V House Historian said...

I'd like to clarify something: I've done the research on the Brady Bunch house's location, and indeed it DOES exist in North Hollywood according to the property report I purchased AND GoogleEarth. True, it does straddle the NoHo/Studio City border, but the house on Dilling St. is actually in NoHo. The house they used in the pilot of the B.Bunch is in Studio City, however.