Friday, September 15, 2006

Couches Galore

Over at Peggy Archer's blog about the real film industry, she posts about the daily life of a behind-the-scenes Industry insider. It's not about the actors or the studio as it is about things like "zipline" and basically how life is on a set.

But, there's something more...

Sure, she has observations of life in Los Angeles, which are intriguing of course. But at the end of every post - that's what's interesting. She has a "Daily Couch" photo of an abandoned couch.

And now... she's branching out to a whole new site.

This is a good time to remind folks that, once they snap that amazing furniture photo to send in to Peggy, they should call 311 on their cell phone and report the illegal dumping.

Remember: "broken window theory" = "abandoned furniture on the sidewalk theory."

Couch courtesy of true2death via flickr.


C... said...

That's the ugliest couch ever.

Mitch Glaser said...

While I certainly subscribe to the "broken windows theory" and also encourage folks to use 311, I must admit that the abundance of abandoned couches and other furniture gives our city "character." I used to marvel at the random items tossed into the streets of my East Hollywood neighborhood.