Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jack FM doesn't know LA

With the demise of KZLA that has upset so many, it reminds us all of the loss of Arrow93 about 18 months ago. In Arrow's place at 93.1 FM, we now have JackFM. It's ok - it's not such a drastic change as KZLA to Movin93.9, but I do have one issue with them...

When first on the air, Jack claimed to be broadcasting from a "dumpy little building in beautiful downtown Culver City." Fine, i said to myself, thinking it was nestled in with KLOS over at La Cienega & Jefferson (which I later realized was still in the City of Los Angeles). Then, a few months ago, they started saying something about coming down to their station at Venice and Fairfax. I thought for a second and knew something wasn't right. I do know that Venice Boulevard has a jagged border between LA & Culver City, but I couldn't imagine this intersection to be in Culver City.

Sure enough, it's not.

Even JackFM's own website reveals the station mailing address and studios to be in Los Angeles, not Culver City.

So, Jack, what gives? What are you trying to do by not being proud of broadcasting from the City of Los Angeles? You're not trying to skirt the City's Business registration process?

An interview in the LA Times last July quotes Jeff Federman, KCBS general manager, as saying the reason for the claim is that "Culver City sounded funnier." I don't know if that's good enough.

Be proud and claim Los Angeles as your home.


Anonymous said...

I'm a tour guide. I used to get up in arms when people had seen the Weezer video and asked if the Playboy mansion was in Beverly Hills instead of Holmby Hills. When I told my girlfriend about it she said "Baby, only you care."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's an identity crisis at that building. Which also houses KROQ and K-EARTH(I think). KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show have claimed since moving from their studios in Taluca Lake years ago, that the station is in COMPTON! I guess they have never been south of Wilshire.