Thursday, November 30, 2006

LA City Slogan

When you go to most cities, they have mottos or slogans that define who they are. In the past, this City as had official adopted and commonly used slogans. I'm not talking nicknames, but actual, official slogans. For instance just to name a few, Victorville's is "The Key to High Desert"; Long Beach's is "Welcome to the International Hometown"; Culver City's is "The Heart of Screenland"; and Palmdale's is "“A Place to Call Home."

Remember not too long ago in the late 1990s, Riordan had marketing folks come up with "Together, we're the best: LA!" Some say this was in part to stave off the growing secession movements across the City, but it also promoted the City as "the best." It was never officially adopted as the City's Slogan, and faded into the past when Riordan left office.

But, technically, we do have an official City slogan dating back to the early 1980s. Around the 200th Birthday celebration for the City, "LA's the Place" was adopted by the City in 1981 at the urging of the LA 200 Committee. It was actually approved to be used on all City letterhead, and once the 200th anniversary was completed, the slogan was provided to the visitors & conventions bureau to continue to be used as the official slogan in the promotion of the City.

So, we still have that 1981 slogan as official until another one is officially adopted. In 2005, New York City adopted "The World's Second Home" as a new slogan; perhaps it's time this City officially took action to re-affirm that "LA's the place" or find something new to tout to the world.


Anonymous said...

As the nation's second largest city and taking a cue from NYC, how about: "L.A.'s #2."

State of Art said...

Haha --^ I like.

Man, "LA's the Place" is really terrible. NY's sounds nice and very appropriate .

Zach Behrens said...

I thought Palmdale was "Why throw out the trash when you can just throw it on the front lawn?"


A Palmdale resident told me that.