Sunday, February 25, 2007

100 years ago in Watts...

With the recent talk of The Watts Towers and of LA maps, here's a treat for those who want to combine both. "Hal" wrote in and asked:
"Is the current 108th St in Watts District the old Rosella Avenue in Watts City?"

Below is a map of Watts in 1908, just about 100 years ago:

And here's a map via Google Maps of the same streets in Watts today with their current names:

Notice the changes... Rosella Ave of 1908 is actually present day Beach Street, just east of the modern day Blue Line. 108th street is not on the historic map, but here's what we've got:

Today = 1908
Century = Pacific
103rd = Main Street
103rd PLACE = Diller
104th = Christian
105th = Albert
106th = Edward
107th = Morton (west of tracks)/Robin (east of tracks)

Hal then goes on to ask: "Also what were the boundaries of the Elcoat Tract in the area of Watts City? What were the boundaries of the San Antonio District?" Does anyone know??

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