Friday, March 09, 2007

$18 million not worth it...

A few months ago we revealed the 10 existing municipal centers in the City and the call for more. At the time, their was talk of about spending 13.6 million to create a mini municipal center just 2 miles from City Hall in Boyle Heights.

Well, here's 18.4 million reasons that creating a "mini" municipal center within 2 miles of the existing municipal center is not a good idea:
"The Chicago Plaza building will be purchased with funds from the Municipal
Improvement Corporation of Los Angeles (MICLA), the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and AB 1290 funds, which are disbursed at Council District 14s
discretion. Total project cost is an estimated $18.4 million. The Boyle Heights
Constituent Services Center is expected to open within the next three years."

This is just one of many municipal service buildings coming online that are a waste of money when government should becoming more efficient. The City should be less about brick and mortar and more about digital efficiencies and actual services. Constituents wouldn't feel "left out" if monies like this were used to clean and repair more streets, upgrade police resources, create additional, safe public space, etc. So, look for more political expenditures for unnecessary, feel-good buildings in CD9 and CD7 in the coming years.

Read the newly-reelected Councilman's full press release on Nate's blog here.

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