Thursday, May 11, 2006

225 Ways to Celebrate: 46 to 55

It's Thursday, so here is the next installment of 225 Ways to Celebrate LA's 225th Birthday:

46. Walk around the Mulholland Fountain at Riverside Drive and Los Feliz Boulevard and try to imagine the 1-room home in which Mulholland once lived at that site. If you go at night, see if the lights are on and enjoy the show.

47. Park your car in the parking lot on the northeast corner of Vermont & Santa Monica and enjoy Sheila Klein's Vermonica art installation.

48. Visit the museums & galleries of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee. The "Countdown to Eternity" exhibit in the Civil Rights Museum should not be missed.

49. See the busts and reliefs of your favorite television stars from Bill Cosby to Johnny Carson to Phil Donahue to Lucille Ball to Jim Henson at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Sculpture Plaza in NoHo. (You can also see a two-story tall Emmy!)

50. Eat Green Corn Tamales at El Cholo (through October only).

51. Catch a show at the Ebell Theater, which has been governed by a board of 15 women since its inception in 1927 as part of the Ebell Women's Club.

52. See if you can count the 1000 rings in the fallen Oak that gave Encino its name.

53. Take a hike in Runyon Canyon (thanks, Miles), but watch out for dog doo!

54. Walk across the Hyperion Bridge and read all the plaques.

55. Testify before the City Council during public comment on a specific topic, with a general concern, say you think they're doing a good job, or just say you have the right to say what you want, so you're going to. This is your right, per the rules, and everyone should exercise that right to speak before the elected body. (If you're in the Valley, you can also testify remotely from the Valley Municipal Building, though there's nothing quite like standing before the council in the temple-like Ferarro Council Chambers.)

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