Thursday, May 25, 2006

225 Ways to Celebrate: Griffith Park edition

It's Thursday, so here is the next installment of 225 Ways to Celebrate LA's 225th Birthday. This time, look at the wide array of things to experience in the largest municipal park in the country: Griffith Park.

56. Ride the Disneyland-inspiring Merry-Go-Round. (It's said that Walt Disney watched his daughter ride the merry-go-round and dreamed of an enchanted theme park.

57. Explore the Bronson Caves, a former quarry used in the paving of LA Streets and the "Batcave" exterior in the 1960s Batman TV show.

58. Hike to the edge of Bee Rock, but seriously, be aware of bees.

59. Take the time to visit the Ranger Station and the newly restored interactive exhibits relating to the park, its environment, and its history.

60. Buy a Sno-Cone at the merry-go-round snack bar and sit on the grass on the hill above it listening to the music and watching the people below.

61. Ride a horse from the L.A. Equestrian Center through Griffith Park (and back, of course).

62. Hike up to the area ABOVE the Hollywood Sign.

63. Experience the Old Zoo and Symphony in the Glen.

64. Take a leisurely stroll along the stream in the Ferndell section of the park.

65. Explore the recently restored Bird sanctuary.

66. Hike with Tom LaBonge through the Berlin Forest (in honor of the Sister-City relationship) up to Dante's View.

67. Explore Amir's garden.

68. Join the Sierra Club hikers on a Tuesday or Thursday night at the merry-go-round parking lot for the largest group hiking in the region.

69. Participate (or at least enjoy) the Drum Circle near the Ranger Station on Sunday afternoons.

70. See the historic trains (and other vehicles) at the Travel Town Museum.

71. Visit the Disney Barn (relocated by miniature train enthusiasts) at Travel Town.

72. Ride the Live Steamers.

73. Take the kids to ride the ponies at the Griffith Park Pony Ride.

74. Play golf at one of the 5 courses at Griffith Park.

75. Catch an event at the Greek Theater.

76. Take time to escape the urban landscape and visit the Cedar Grove.

77. Hike on the over 53-mile network of trails, fire roads and bridle paths in the Park.

78. Visit the newly renovated Griffith Observatory.

(map of Griffith Park)

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AVN said...

I love these lists, especially for an LA newbie like me. Have you seen Shane's Inspiration playground in Griffith Park? It's huge, safe, colorful, fun, diverse & universally accessible. My 2-year-old godsons couldn't get enough.

- AVN (

Anonymous said...

Maybe you left it out because it's commercial, but one of my favorite things to do in Griffith Park is pig out on pie a la mode and tri-tip sandwiches at the awesome Trails Cafe. mmmm.... pie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you left it out because it's commercial, but the Autry National Center's Museum of the American West has a great show on display about southwest & northwest coast Native American culture and arts.

Granted, the site was not part of the original Griffith land, but it is right across the street from the zoo.

Anonymous said...

i found human remains in griffith park once.
i don't neccessarily suggest it, but it's interesting enough.
finding human remains, that is.

Anonymous said...

uhmmm only THREE golf courses in Griffith Park unless they have been hiding something from me...
(Roosevelt, Harding, Wilson)

LA City Nerd said...

Actually, the Park considers the driving range "course" and the Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course on the other side of the 5 both part of the Park's "5 courses."

Anonymous said...

what/where is the "driving range course" ??? There is a three hole training center that is reserved for kids (not really a course). So I think that shouldn't qualify. And the Los Feliz course?? OK (grumble grumble) I guess that counts..

lets split the difference and call it four

Anonymous said...

I've been up to the observatory twice in the last couple of weeks, so I can say with some confidence that -though it may have been recently renovated- it sure as heck ain't open yet.