Saturday, April 14, 2007

LA Neighborhood Signs Update #3

It's the beginning of the weekend, and it looks like it's going to be a clear day. (Thank you, wind!)

There are only 36 (known) signs missing from the LA City Neighborhood Signs group on Flickr. Right now, we have collected 150 signs, some of which were not in the original list (one of which is sadly now gone). Once you take a shot and upload it, make sure you use the map feature to identify where the photo was taken (where the sign is). Also, there is a slight delay from when you upload your photos until they actually appear in the group - please be patient.

Here's what's left; have fun out there:

Arroyo View Estates*
Baldwin Hills
Cameo Plaza
Canoga Park
Carthay Village
Civic Center
Griffith Park
La Cienega Ctr
La Fayette Park Square
Mariachi Plaza
Mission Hills
North Hollywood
Pacific Palisades
Panorama City
Pico – Union
Playa Del Rey
Rose Hills
San Pedro
Shadow Hills
Sherman Village
Solano Canyon
South Park
Toluca Lake
Twin Plaza District
University Hills
Vermont Vista
Western Heights
West Lake
West Los Angeles
West Toluca Lake
Wilshire District
Wilshire Park Mile

*yes, Arroyo View Estates has not be installed yet, but it's still needed... when it is installed.


Anonymous said...

Signs for Civic Center and Mariachi Plaza are awaiting approval.

Anonymous said...

I drive through Shadow Hills at least every other day; I have looked along all of Sunland Blvd and some of the bigger side streets and still have not found a sign.

Anonymous said...

After much on-the-street research, I don't think there is an official "South Park" sign from the city. All I could find in that neighborhood were signs posted by the Business Improvement District.

Anonymous said...

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