Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Los Angeles Neighborhoods & Communities Map via Google

With the recent introduction of the creatable Google map, LA City Nerd has started out on a long process (it will take time, for sure) to create the map that shows "accepted boundaries" for the neighborhoods and communities of the City of Los Angeles. There are maps that exist that generalize the communities, but they are not at all accurate. And the City itself doesn't even have a map through the Bureau of Engineering of these neighborhoods. (Now, some will argue that the Neighborhood Council maps of the City create such a neighborhood map. Unfortunately, that's not true.)

The beauty of such a Google map is that it can be updated easily and also have overlays for questionable, disputed or orphaned areas. We've started the project ever so slightly in a cursory way. As soon as the Call to Action #1 project is complete, we'll start working on this one.
Here's what we've got so far - very cursory and rough.

If you've got a neighborhood in the City that you think has defined boundaries that should be included, just email us with those specific boundaries (streets, waterways, railroad tracks, freeways, geological features, etc.). We're purposely not linking to the other maps in this post in order to avoid influencing suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Marina Penninsula - Pacific Avenue south of Washington. Western boundry is the Pacific Ocean and the eastern boundry is the grand canal. Southern boundry is the channel into the marina.

This neighborhood used to be called the Venice Pennisula, but some realtors decided they could improve property values (and hence their commissions) if the name was changed. It is still part of the City of Los Angeles and part of the Venice community despite having a 90292 zip code

Ellen Bloom said...

Wilshire Vista...part of Mid-City L.A. The boundaries are: Pico on the south, Hauser on the east, Fairfax on the west, San Vicente on the north.

Our Wilshire Vista community signs say, "A Los Angeles Community of Respect."

More here: http://www.wilshirevista.org/

Ellen Bloom said...

One more thing...thanks so much, LA City Nerd for listing me as the LA Yarn/Art Nerd! I'm honored!!!

L.A. Ell

Anonymous said...

From the Hancock Park Homeowners Association website:

The Hancock Park Homeowners Association boundaries include the R-1 single family residents between Melrose & Wilshire, both sides of Highland & both sides of Rossmore

Los Angeles Fire Department said...

Dear LACN,

Please consider creating a PayPal account or the like so that those of us benefitting from this project might make a personal monetary donation.

If not that, maybe a PO Box so that we can at least send you a Starbucks card, etc. every now and then?

I cannot begin to tell you how helpful a map such as this (which I have been begging for from City agencies for more than a decade) will be in our workday pursuits.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

LAFD Blog: lafd.org/blog

Will Campbell said...

What a phenomenal realization of this project the map will be! You're not just the L.A. City Nerd, you're the L.A. City KING!

K. M. Johnson said...

For Westchester, you could use LAX as the southern boundary, then Aviation Blvd., continuing north along Florence and La Cienega. Then left along Centinela, until you reach Bluff Creek Drive where Playa Vista begins. (Though, as a purist, I would have included PV in Westchester, but I'd gather that the place has become a distinct entity in map and mind at this point.) Trace Westchester along the foot of the bluffs until you get to Lincoln. Then the debate begins. Where does Playa Del Rey begin and Westchester end? I always considered Hastings Avenue (which intersects with Manchester at Westchester High) the western boundary, though I'm sure some people would debate me on that point. To defend myself, I'd point out that Westchester High and St. Anastasia are both in the 90045 zip code. Thanks LACN for your honorable work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this - it's way cool! Keep up the good work - I can't wait to see the finished product!