Thursday, April 27, 2006

225 Celebrations: 26 to 35

It's Thursday, so here is the next installment of 225 Ways to Celebrate LA's 225th Birthday:

26. Attend the Tofu Festival.

27. Visit the Los Angeles Japanese Garden in Van Nuys.

28. Walk the Historic Portola Trail in Elysian Park (The trail is marked by a historical landmark honoring explorer Don Gaspar de Portola at Broadway & Elysian.)

29. Catch a movie in a historic Movie Palace on Broadway via the LA Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats.

30. "Swim on the 101" at Echo Park's shallow pool, which is nestled between Bellevue at the 101 North onramp.

31. Visit the site of the City's original zoos: Selig Zoo at Lincoln Park and the other, buried in the glen of Griffith Park, now aptly known as "The Old Zoo."

32. Visit the National Historic Landmark that is the Facades/Buildings on the north side of 1st Street in Little Tokyo.

33. Visit City Hall and watch the City Council live in person. Make sure you get up to the Tower Gallery to view the collection of Mayoral Portraits and to see great views of the City.

34. Ride the historic Red Cars recreated in San Pedro.

35. Visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Palms. (No, it's not Culver City.)

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