Thursday, April 20, 2006

225 Ways to Celebrate: 16 to 25

So, after last week's response to the first 15 ways to Celebrate Los Angeles' 225 Birthday, here are a few more. I'll give more each week until we've hit the 225 needed to truly celebrate the City in 2006. (Thanks for the suggestions thus far. Remember, this is the City of Los Angeles' birthday, so activities in Pasadena, Malibu, or other municipalities don't make my list unless they are connected to L.A. City in some way [see #19].)

16. Participate in a Grunion Run at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro.

17. Tour the Public Art in MacArthur Park.

18. Hike to the top of the Eagle Rock

19. Ride public transit from Warner Center to Long Beach, stopping along the way at interesting looking stops.

20. Take the carpool lane transition from the 105 West to the 110 North on a clear day and hope for traffic so you can go slow and take in the view.

21. Get a double margarita on the rocks at El Coyote. (Thanks, FranklinAvenue Nerd!)

22. Tour the historic Alvarado Terrace, just south of Pico Boulevard in Pico-Union.

23. Visit your local Fire Station.

24. Take some time to not just visit, but explore Union Station and its grounds (check out the gardens and the Harvey House room).

25. Walk ALL around Westwood Village and imagine what it was like in its heyday (and what it could be like!). Pay attention to the directional signs in the sidewalk: "all roads lead to Westwood...."

225 Ways to Celebrate thus far:

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