Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Graffiti trucks

In Los Angeles, there is an ordinance that requires property owners to remove graffiti on their property. If cited, they have 3 days to take action (plus all the extensions they can finagle).

So, why is it that trucks can roll through town covered in graffiti without regulation? This one is parked near Vermont & the 101.

This has the same effect of projecting the City as a crime-ridden town as does Freeway Graffiti.


Sahra Bogado said...

I was wondering if you've ever seen the film "Style Wars" about the explosion of hip-hop culture and graffitti in New York. The film doesn't make tagging look like any less of a blight, but it certainly gives a pretty honest picture of what is probably going on in the minds of people who spray paint and write on every conceivable surface they come across.

IMDB has a synopsis available.

Dan iLL said...

I can't belive you're comparing this truck with that freeway billboard. Man, you are a nerd.