Saturday, January 20, 2007

28,000 Miles of Streets!

With talk of "Walkable Streets" in LA, it might be good to put those few blocks in perspective. According to the City's Department of Transportation, "the City has 160 miles of freeway and 6,500 miles of street, which includes nearly 1,500 miles of multi-lane thoroughfares " And, according to the Bureau of Street Services that is 28,000 lane miles.

That's a lot of street to travel on!

Additionally, there are 800 miles of alleys; 400 miles of which are fully improved, and 400 miles are "unimproved" (not to standard). And, of those 400 "unimproved" alleys, 178 miles of them are unimproved dirt alleys.

(There are also dirt streets that still exist throughout the City, from Chatsworth to South LA. Because they are lessening in number each year, throughout the year, the mileage is not readily available.)

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