Friday, January 12, 2007

One Sentence Decriptions of LA

Eric has an interesting post about how to describe Downtown LA in just a few short sentences. I gave it my best effort, and then thought, "Well, how would I describe Downtown in one sentence?" This is what I came up with:
"Downtown is the heart of a sprawling metropolis that is a microcosm of a city, which is a microcosm of the world."

Then, I thought, "Well, how would I describe the City of LA in once sentence?" This was a little trickier, but here's what I got (I know, it's a bit LA-centric, but it's not an any feat!):
"Los Angeles, a truly international city, acts as the crossroads of the world and therefore influences the rest of the world in the way they think."

Then, it hit me, how would someone describe their neighborhood in one sentence? (With so many communities in LA, this could be long, such just think about that one!)

But, I wonder: could LA, or your specific neighborhood, be described in one sentence?


Anonymous said...

MLK once wrote a speech that was over a page long but was all just one long sentence such as that it makes me think that as long as one is a good writer, he or she could easily describe their hood in one sentence. Oh, and I think your summury and mine on Blogdowntown are almsot identical. Great minds think alik?

Peter McFerrin said...

Here's a crack at describing my old neighborhood, Palms:

"Centrally located and bursting with affordable but pleasant housing, Palms is the home base from which new Angelenos--UCLA and USC students, immigrant laborers and entrepreneurs, and young professionals--begin their pursuit of the Los Angeles variant of the American dream."

AVN said...

My favorite one-sentence description of Los Angeles comes from running a Googlism search on the city name. The #1 result:

"Los Angeles is now."


Marshall Astor said...

I've managed to get quoted in a few places describing Pedro as "a peninsula with an island mentality." I think that's a pretty good description for where I live.

Anonymous said...

Arleta: Not Pacoima.

Anonymous said...

L.A. is a double, double toil and trouble... and a lot of truthiness.

Charlotte Laws

Antoine said...

Brentwood: Land of Entitlement.