Sunday, January 14, 2007

Around the City of LA...

Long weekend in the City of LA = lots to read:

The Atwater Village Nerd takes us to the woman-designed1939 Harvey House at Union Station, which itself was designed by City Hall architects Perkins & Perkins (father & son).

Take a trip to the heart of Watts, just northwest of the famed Rodia Towers, with the Angels & Vagabonds Nerd to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Downtown Nerd reveals the Caltrans Logo atop their new building in - where else - Downtown - from City Hall during a rally, no less.

First, it was Boyle Heights. Then, it was the Fairfax District. Now, it's in the Valley Hills (!?) - that's where the Jews are, according to the Jewish Journal via the Curbed Nerd.

The Married Couple Nerd takes us to Hancock Park to find out who Norwood Young is and what's up with his house. (They promise an in depth interview coming soon!)

The LAFD Nerd takes us to North Hills (not Van Nuys) where a fatal plane crash occurred. If it's north of Roscoe Boulevard, it's North Hills. (It used to be known as Sepulveda!)

The San Pedro Nerds take us to, well, San Pedro, to question the tactics and motives of LADOT relating to the Bisno project. What are all the facts though...? They also reveal the Ocean Odyssey moving out to sea - is lift-off in the near future?

The Lofty Thoughts Nerd takes us to Lincoln Heights for a sad update on trees planted - at least there's hope at the end of it all.

LosAnjealous takes us to the OJ knife store in Downtown and, from Charles Phoenix, to IHOP in 1965 (the first of which actually opened in Burbank).

David Markland takes us to the Animal Services Website for "Fact Vs. Rumor".

Will Campbell takes us to a small brush
fire in Griffith Park
(surprisingly, no comment or mention from the LAFD Nerd).

Finally, LAist's Zach takes us to Chicago to tell us how the City of LA is not really working for the 2016 Olympic Bid! (He also takes us to Studio City, and then, to market, to buy celebrity vegan cheese.)

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