Tuesday, January 02, 2007

City Nerd Awards Nominees

After accepting nominations from bloggers and readers alike, the following are the nominees in the nine categories for which their will be a chance for further public input... VOTE NOW!

When casting your vote in each category, remember that you should vote for the nominee that you think best reflects the following four attributes (where applicable) in their respective category:

-passion for Los Angeles
-knowledge of Los Angeles
-promotion of Los Angeles
-actual positive contributions to Los Angeles

Cast your vote for each the following City Nerd Award categories:

2006 City Nerd Blog

2006 City Nerd Blogger

2006 City Nerd Elected Official

2006 City Nerd Elected Official Staff Member

2006 City Nerd Department Head

2006 City Nerd Neighborhood/Community

2006 City Nerd Project

2006 City Nerd Neighborhood Council

2006 City Nerd Citizen of the Year

Use the Internet and do research on nominees you may not know, and remember that the polls close at 11:59pm on January 15th!

NOTE: The following webpolls are only a portion of the selection process for the 2006 City Nerd Awards. Additional subject matter experts will assist in selecting the final winner in each category.


Anonymous said...

Hey city nerd! I'm a lil confused by the City Nerd Blogger category, which I think I'm on (thanks!) but am not sure. It looks like e;'s blog and mine have gotten combined somehow for the last 2 -- or maybe that's something intentional for a nerdy purpose I don't know about?

Will Campbell said...

I the neighborhood and neighborhood council categories... no love for Silver Lake, Echo Park or Los Feliz Village? Just askin'...

Anonymous said...

What are the rules for voting? 1 per person, honor system? 1 per IP addy per day?

Edward Padgett said...

Happy New Year City Nerd,

The linking of your post fuction is not yet running with the new Blogger system, so I have added your post to my blog. And users can vote from there or visit your page and vote.

LA City Nerd said...

Sorry for the ealier confusion - name mis-spellings and nominee combination issues have been resolved.

As for the love for Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, etc. - I only used what I was given. Silver Lake NC is represented, but Echo Park wasn't mentioned by anyone nor was Greater Griffith Park (which includes Los Feliz). Next year, perhaps.

As for voting, it's one per IP address. (So run out to those various computers that you have access to!)

And Ed, I'm not sure what's not working with the links - it seems to be working for me.

Edward Padgett said...

City Nerd,

When I'm attempting to create a link, the error message "ERROR, Required field must not be blank" appears.

This is happening on all blogs since I upgraded to the new blogger.

The copy and paste fuction stills runs.

Above the City said...

Keep on truckin' Nerd!

And remember, I can be a write in vote.

Zuma Dogg said...

Hellooooooooooooo Los Angeles,

My name's Zuma Dogg, and I am aksing for your support and your vote in each and every catagory I am nominated in.

Stick it to the man...Vote "Zuma Dogg", a real O.G.!

C... said...

I just came back from L.A. so anyone blogging about L.A. gets my vote. I love L.A. - when I die I want to be buried in L.A.

Anonymous said...

Why is BrooHaha listed as a city project and not a blog? And why is it winning? Something smells rotten to me.

LA City Nerd said...

4:35 -

BrooWaHa is an online project - it's doing what Valleynews.com is trying to do, but for the whole city. Neither, in this Nerd's opinion, are blogs. BrooWaHa does have a blog though, at http://broowaha.blogspot.com - that, for obvious reasons, was not nominated.

The BrooWaHa project "is a collaborative online newspaper" - that, to me, is not a blog and qualifies as a project.

artsdistrictla said...

Our community is the Arts District. There is no "Artists' District"
Jonathan Jerald

Zuma Dogg said...

I'm fortunate enough to be nominated in a couple catagories: blogger and citizen.

If you don't know who I am, please go to www.zumadogg.com to find out more. especially links to YouTube videos. and please vote for me if you support my public advocay. thanks,



Anonymous said...

Would love to see a category for craziest commissioner.

My vote would be for Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commission President S. David Freeman AKA the Green Cowboy.