Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who is Matt Szabo??

Who's Matt Szabo and why does he have 1239 votes in the City Nerd Award Poll?

And what has he shown in terms of passion for Los Angeles, knowledge of Los Angeles, promotion of Los Angeles, and actual positive contributions to Los Angeles?

And how does he have over 1000 more votes than his boss, Mayor Villariagosa? and 1237 more votes than Dennis Zine?

Remember: only 4 more days to vote in all categories!


Mayor Sam said...


Matt is Communications Director for the mayor as you know, but has a long experience doing the same for a number of pols such as Wendy Greuel, Bob Hertzberg, etc. He's also a fairly well known writer and commentator. He had his own blog until he went to work in City Hall again.

He's done the cable news pundit thing. One note is that he went to school with Chandra Levy so he was in demand when that case was in the news.

He's been around a long time for someone of his young years. He's very highly regarded and considered a genuinely nice guy.

I'm not sure of his voter registration but my impression is that he does seem to lean a bit right of center. However he has worked for a lot of Democrats obviously.

In terms of his vote count I am not sure its entirely cutting and pasting by the Mayor's crew so much as Matt is known by a lot of people in the city. Working for the mayor's office he's going to have more reach citywide than a chief deputy working for a clowncil member.

He's also picked up some endorsements and mild campaigning on his behalf by the readers of my blog as well as Boi from Troy. Boi and Matt are friends. Given that BFT received no nominations itself its highly likely that the Boi's wide readership is skipping all the other categories and tossing support to Matt.

Just a theory. However I would sincerely doubt that Matt himself is trying to game the awards. He doesn't strike me as that type.

Stay Warm!
Mayor Sam

Anonymous said...

Just a small correction to Mayor Sam.

Matt is one of the mayor's press secretaries (long with Janelle E) and not communications director.

Zach Behrens said...

I like Sam's description. But I think it was more of a rhetorical question. If anyone knows who is who at city hall, it would be Nerd. I put my money on it.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sam is Spot-on!

My loyal readers were able to get USC lineback Brian Cushing elected as AOL's #1 playmaker in all of college football--beating Troy Smith, Brady Quinn and many more.

Plus, Szabo deserves it.