Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Redline's Actual Route

If you ever look at the Metro Rail maps, the subway routes area quite contrived: straight lines and perfect angles make up the maps of the winding tunnels and tracks. Here's the way Metro reveals the route on their subway maps in an "arty" interpretation. It looks so simple and direct across the City.

But, a frustrated reader asks where a map of the true route of the downtown Redline Subway can be found. "I ride the subway to work every day, and the "subway map" on the wall just taunts me. I know it's for ease of understanding, but what's the real path of the Red Line?," she writes. Well, look no farther than Metro's own BUS MAP to find the actual route of the subway beneath downtown. And to see a more accurate, but not the exact route as with the Downtown map, check out the West/Central LA bus map.

Yes, the Metro downtown bus map actually shows the real route of the subway as it curves through the earth. (I wonder if that route disturbs the Lizard People or their tunnels?)

Maps pointed out by the Metro archive librarian, Matt Barrett - a true Transit Nerd.


Anonymous said...

The Lizard People tunnels are mostly under the west side now, they closed up most of their downtown tunnels when the first leg of the red line was built in exchange for guarantees that bureaucratic obstacles would be put in place to protect their westside tunnel complex.

Look at Henry Waxman and tell me that doesn't seem plausible

AVN said...

Google Earth seems to offer a more detailed map of all LA subway/train routes. Run the Google Earth software (it's free) and zoom into Los Angeles with the "Transit" layer checked. It's enlightening.

- Atwater Village Newbie

AVN said...

I posted the Google Earth Red Line map on this Flickr page.

- Atwater Village Newbie

Zach Behrens said...

Was there ever talk of a Hollywood Bowl stop during the season?

LA City Nerd said...

There was a proposed stop at the Hollywood Bowl, but the neighboring residential communities fought it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thank you!!

Scott said...

I hate to be so semantic, but that is NOT a map of the subway/rail, it is merely a DIAGRAM, technically. It is is no way to scale, either in size or shape. It is deriviative of the orignal 1930's London subway map, which was called a diagram by many.

Hey, and time to start fighting once again for that Hollywood Bowl stop. Now that half the people that lived in the hills while the subway was being constructed have moved out, and people are used to the subway, maybe we could get a second chance at it.