Thursday, June 15, 2006

225 Ways to Celebrate: 89 to 102

It's Thursday, so here is the next installment of 225 Ways to Celebrate LA's 225th Birthday:

89. Visit the only Library of Congress site outside of Washington, D.C. at the Disney Concert Hall and see the "Los Angeles Mapped" Exhibit.

90. Pick fruit from limbs hanging over on the public right-of-way to hearken back to the days of our agrarian pueblo.

91. Walk under Bunker Hill via the 3rd Street Tunnel to recall riding the Red Cars under Bunker Hill. (I'd suggest in the daytime.)

92. Visit the Four Corners of the original City of LA. You could try to walk the approximately 20-mile round trip, but traveling by car might be easier.

93. Visit the Museum of Neon Art in South Park.

94. Watch the line of planes come in from the east while driving on the 405 or 110 at night.

95. Take a walking (or any other kind of) tour offered by the Los Angeles Conservancy.

96. Participate in or attend the Dragon Boat Races at the annual Lotus Festival in Echo Park.

97. Climb the rocks at Stoney Point in Chatsworth and envision the old Stage Coach that came in over the Santa Susana Pass.

99. Spend an afternoon in Leimert Park.

100. Drive a guest from LAX down Century Boulevard, then south on the 405 to the Century Freeway to the 110 North to the Millennium Biltmore [10 Centuries] and then across the 10 to Century City & Visit the former 20th Century Fox Studios.

101. Get on the 101 northbound from Franklin eastbound by making an amazing U-turn maneuver.

102. Walk over and around the Shakespeare Bridge in Franklin Hills.

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Illustration by Michael Klein from "via"

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