Friday, June 16, 2006

King's Daughters & Las Floristas

In 1944, King's Daughter Nursery School, started in 1891, was the oldest nursery school in Los Angeles.

Today, the last remenants are at Keystone and Regent in Palms (as seen here).

What happened the school from its founding through its disappearance should be interesting, but all I know is that those details are not in any book or database I can find. I can't seem to find anything more than that the Las Floristas supported the King's Daughters Nursery school with their annual floral hat event in the 40s, for sure, and they helped them secure and develop the building & site that now remains in Palms. The Las Floristas still exist and put on their annual event (below), but King's Daughters seems to have fallen out of the picture.

Does anyone have any idea how these two got connected, when they broke apart, and why the old nursery school is now a Montessori School? Is this one of the oldest surviving buildings in Palms? (Most of the original buildings in Palms have been demolished and rebuilt.)

I look to George Garrigues, editor of the Palms Village Sun to hopefully fill in some gaps here. George?


Anonymous said...

Jonathan Weiss of Cheviot Hills discovered this Web site for the modern King's Daughters, which now includes the Sons as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. the "modern" King's Daughters and Sons are in the process of redesigning their website - - and will include a link to yours on the new site (coming soon), asking whether any current members have any information on the Las Floristas School.