Sunday, June 18, 2006

So you wanna be a Sister City?

With the recent (& past) online discussion of Los Angeles' Sister Cities, I thought I'd share with you the official process to become a Sister City to Los Angeles. Here are the 12 steps (yes, this is a 12-step program!) to becoming a Sister City. Right now, Beirut, Lebanon is at about Step 10, and the process should be finished by the end of the summer. When it is complete, it will be the 22nd Sister City to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Sister City Adoption Procedures

Sister Cities are established by City Council resolution. The programs for each sister city are run by volunteer citizens committees whose appointments are confirmed by the City Council. The City's sister city adoption procedures were established by a Council Resolution (Timberlake-Gibson) adopted on October 1, 1964 (C.F. 103,908 Sup. i). There is no City
ordinance, code or Charter provision regarding sister cities. The procedures set forth in the Resolution were based on recommendations of the Town Affiliation Association (Sister Cities International), an organization which helps to coordinate the establishment of sister city relationships. The procedures are summarized below:

1. The Mayor, City Council or other group or agency proposes creation of sister city relationship with a particular city.
2. The proposal is considered by the City Council's Intergovernmental Relations Committee.
3. The Intergovernmental Relations Committee asks the Council to approve the establishment of a steering committee (for each city) whose job it will be to study the proposal and recommend whether or not to adopt a particular city.
4. When the Council authorizes establishment of a steering committee, the Mayor and Councilmembers suggest names of persons for appointment to the steering committee.
5. The Intergovernmental Relations Committee, based on these suggestions, recommends a panel of members for the steering committee.
6. The City Council approves these recommendations and establishes the steering committee.
7. The steering committee reviews the relationships between Los Angeles and the potential sister city. Sister Cities International and the U. S. Information Agency are consulted with for review, advice and to avoid possible duplication in cases where a sister city relationship already exists with another American city.
8. The steering committee reports its findings and recommendations to the Intergovernmental Relations Committee.
9. A permanent sister city committee is established in the city wishing to be adopted by Los Angeles (Mayor's letter, 8-1-83).
10. Official acknowledgment is received from the Mayor or governing body of the prospective sister city agreeing to a sister city relationship with Los Angeles. (City Clerk's letter, 7-18-83, C.F. 83-1187)
11. The Intergovernmental Relations Committee recommends adoption of the sister city.
12. The Council adopts a resolution formally agreeing to the sister city relationship and a permanent committee is established in Los Angeles for the sister city. The permanent committee is established in the same manner as the steering committee. The permanent committee develops programs and projects of mutual benefit for Los Angeles and the sister city.

Note: Mayor Sam's Sister City does not follow these same procedures!


The Unsomnambulist said...

How weird... I was just wondering about this the other day. Are you plagiarizing my mind?

Seriously, I was also wondering if other US cities could be put up for consideration...

you know said...

ok dude, im impressed. now how do i get you to be a regular contributer to the LAist?