Thursday, June 15, 2006

Original City Halls...

After posting about the original limits of Los Angeles at the time of its incorporation in 1850, I saw there was a question about the original locations of the previous City Halls. There were two locations prior to the curent, restored City Hall location...

According to an Adobe Resource page, during the Early American Period, the first City Hall was located on the west side of Spring Street between present day Temple Street and 1st Street. This building was established after incorporation in 1850 as a place for both the city council and the county supervisors to meet. It was located directly opposite (west) of where today stands the current City Hall. It was originally built as a residence by Antous Jose Rocha, who had come to L.A. from Portugal in 1815.

During the term of Mayor Edward F. Spence (1884 – 1886) a new City hall was built (pictured in the two images below) on Broadway & 2nd Streets. This remained the seat of city government until the current City Hall was opened in 1928.

Note that the logo of the Los Angeles City Historical Society (above) incorporates the footprint of the current and previous City Hall, as well as that of the Plaza Church.

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