Thursday, August 31, 2006

225 ways to Celebrate: 215 to 225

Here we are at the end of a multi-month project to find 225 ways to Celebrate Los Angeles's 225th Birthday. Over the course of the last few months, there have been many suggestions and discoveries that have truly enhanced this list. But what truly jumps out at me is that what I thought would be challenging - getting 225 things to do in the City of Los Angeles - has turned out to be quite easy. This list could grow for many more months.

So, as you read the final installments, know that there is a whole lot more to be listed. If you completed all 225 (or heck, if you do just 200 of them), let me know, and I'll start working on "ANOTHER 225 Ways to Celebrate Los Angeles."

Here's to a great City that is worth celebrating everyday! (Be sure check out the other 215 by clicking the links below.)

214. Explore Exposition Park, which was originally "Agricultural Park." Check out its rose garden ( the city's former race track), museums, & varied public art.

215. Visit the LAPD Museum in Highland Park, then go the Fire Department Museum in Hollywood and the African American Fire Fighter Museum in Downtown.

216. Walk around downtown LA, especially on Broadway, around Pershing Square, and Grand Avenue. Remember to look up.

217. Visit the Wells Fargo Museum n Bunker Hill.

218. Explore the history of St. Vincent's Court, a national historic place with a quite dynamic history.

219. Take the glass elevators for a spin at the Bonaventure and see Los Angeles on the rise. (Photo from Matthew

220. Get stuck in the tar at the La Brea Tar Pits (yes, "the tar tar pits").

221. Walk across the 6th Street Bridge.

222. Visit El Alisal, the Charles Lummis Home, and the Heritage Square Museum in the Arroyo. (I'd say visit the Southwest, but it's now closed until further notice.)

223. Visit the Municipal Gallery at Barnsdell Art Park.

224. Walk around "Lake Hollywood"; look for the bears built into the dam.

225. Walk the National Cemetery in Westwood and remember it exists here in this City because of Kit Carson & John Fremont's efforts in the Cahuenga Pass in 1846 & 1847. And those Americans only showed up because of what the Spanish did in the 1781 - 225 years ago.

The City of Los Angeles has a lot to offer those willing to take advantage of all that there is. So, even though the City leaders haven't done a whole lot to recognize this milestone in the City's history, you can.

"225 Ways to Celebrate..." thus far:
56-78 (Griffith Park)
79-88 (Eric Garcetti)
125 - 213 (Festivals)

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