Wednesday, August 23, 2006

City Flag

After the Atwater Village Nerd got excited about the many flags that have flown over that community of Los Angeles, I figured it's time for a primer on the City Flag.

The City Clerk has a nice page with an image here, but there is a little more to it. According to Sec. 1.17 of the City's Administrative Code:
The flag designed by the La Fiesta Association, Ltd., and presented to the City Council on June 9, 1931, the colors of said flag being green, yellow and red, with the Seal of the City of Los Angeles imprinted in the yellow center thereof, is hereby declared to be the official flag of the City of Los Angeles.

The "Fiesta Flag" (as it was then known) was designed in honor of the City's 150th Birthday and officially established as the City Flag on July 22, 1931.

Besides the official flag, the City of Los Angeles also has an official City Flower (Bird of Paradise) and City Tree (Corral Tree).

That may seem like a lot, but did you know that the State of California has an official "State Soil" among other things?

Should Los Angeles have other "official" insignia? I'd like to see an official city song & motto adopted by the City Council.


Don said...

I vote for Randy Newman's I Love L.A. as the official city song. We could have the city council members sing it at the beginning of every meeting.

Marshall Astor said...

If we had a city song it would have to be "I Love L.A.", no matter how corny it is.

A few years back at a Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council meeting, there was a presentation by a rather eccentric european gentleman and his boombox, as he was trying to get his homemade tune adopted as the "official welcoming song" of the Port of Los Angeles. I don't think he got anywhere with the idea, though.

Peter McFerrin said...

Hard to believe that a ganjariffic flag like that could have come out of stiff-as-a-board 1930s Los Angeles.