Thursday, August 17, 2006

City of Angels

We are Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

We're not the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) or the Windy City (Chicago). We're not the Big Apple (New York) or the Big Easy (New Orleans), but we are big. We're not Beantown (Boston), Sin City (Las Vegas), or Motor City (Detroit). We're not the Mile High City (Denver) or a Twin City (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Ironically, we're not the Second City (Chicago), even though we technically are.

We're not the City of Angels for no reason, either.

Look at all the angelic streets in the City. There's a ballet company bearing the name and a church, too. There's the Lighthouse that welcomes all to the City's port; and don't forget our namesake funicular.

Sure, there is that confused city to the south that wants to be LA so badly that they changed their team's name; but that's just further proof that Los Angeles is the City of Angels.

So, is LA's nickname appropriate? I think so. But with all the devilish things always reported in the news (not our LA blogsphere), some (from the outside) might argue that it's a misnomer. I say, what's more angelic than a city that welcomes diverse opinions, eclectic music, and multiple downtowns competing for the "center if the city."

Want an example of an LA Angel? Look no farther than "Sweet Alice" Harris, Dr. Richard Grossman, or Fr. Greg Boyle.

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Don said...

I vote for Fr Greg.